Weigh-In-Motion System for high speed Vehicle on a Highway
The current system was installed along the metropolitan highway No.318(“Loop 7”) in August, 1999.
 The WIM(Weigh-In-Motion) system consisting of the two loop sensors and two 
or four load sensors, and WHIGHPAD.  Moreover, it sets on highway sites and 
performs to detect set on a highway site performs to detect axle load, axle 
group load, gross weight, distance between axles, longest axle spacing, whole 
length, class and speed of the passing vehicle.
 Also it is possible to detect an overloading weight per classified vehicle 
in comparison with the preset weight value(axle load and gross weight). 
 Research can be performed in unattended condition. Data of the vehicle on 
exceeding speed will be detected too. Traffic violations including, running 
on an exceeding speed, running in inverse direction, running on the edge of 
a road and running over a lane line will be detected, and caught by an 
automatic photographing system co-allied to store the entire data with image. 
 Then a computer can search it later.

2. WEIGHPAD load sensor, bending plate
The load sensor is based on a tungsten-origin alloy solid type plate load cell, 
bending   Plate, and it provides excellent durability. Assortment two sensors 
are installed at 1.75 m(5ft.9in.) / 1.25 m(4ft.1in.) width will that cover the 
range for a lane width, 3.50 m(11ft.8in.) to 3.75 m. (12ft.6in.)

Furthermore, for shortening installation time on highway and durabiltity the 
base plate assembly is based on a precast reinforced concrete. Then it can be 
carried and set at the site to provide flat station space, better protection 
from other lanes vibration and to improve durability. improve protection of 
vibrations from other lanes.

The other detail specifications are as per catalog you request.
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