A simple type of portable matscale

Weighing System on wheel load: DW-series

  The system, portable for easy carrying and install at the weighing site, 
works to continuously measure wheel load of the vehicle running on highway 
and stores the data.
  This tackles wide range of the vehicle’s running speed from a high speed 
at approximately 100 km/h to low speed at approximately 5 km/h.
  Its processor has a capacity to store the measurement data for 100,000 wheels, 
i.e. 40,000 vehicles from 2.5 axles per vehicle, output the data of number of 
axles in uniform time zone with wheel load classification, 13 classes, as well 
as 5-ton conversion value in a table form at the site.

Vehicle Classification System

  The system based on a compact CCD camera and real time image data processing 
device and was developed for the purpose of vehicle classification (patent pending) 
it works to pick up the vehicle as small-, medium- or large-sized and gets number 
of vehicles storing the data.
  It can be used with the DW-series weighing system for processing wheel lord. 
Moreorer, it can be used as a portable type integrated weigh in motion system for 
an unattended traffic volume research because of computing the number of axles and 
5 ton conversion value automatically.

 The other detail specifications are as per catalog you request.

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