The MATSCALE 2000-DC works to weigh gross weight of the static vehicle partially 
measuring axle load on the both wheels which are put onto a pair of Mat Sensors. 
 The gross weight will be computed by summing up every axle load.

 This matscale is able to be used for measuring tracks easily at anywhere 
because of a built in rechargeable battery.
(It can measure more than 10 vehicles and print out with fully harged.)
Standard Specification
Model       MATSCALE 2000-DC 
Number of Mats  
Weighing Capacity    20 ton/axle
Number of Axles to be measured    12
Integrated Accuracy    ±1.5 % at full scale
Operating Range    600 to 20,000 Kg/axle
Weight of Mat   13.5 Kg/piece
Measuring Method    Static
Optional Parts  Dummy plate (necessary for weighing tandem axle)
 Special type, MP series, can be provided, which enables to measure with higher 
accuracy (request specifications to review technical details).
  The equipment is a specific scale that is defined in metrical law; 
applicable to business certification but subject to no verification.
  Periodical inspection in a year should be recommended after our supply. 
  The inspection will be serviced by us in consideration.
  The other detail specifications are as per catalog you request.
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